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Why Eating Manok Bisaya (Native Chicken) is Good For Your Health

Nang Linda’s Kan-Anan offers a lot of healthy and delicious meals on the menu. One of them is the Manok Bisaya or Native Chicken which is served as Inasal or Tinola. Native Chicken is the healthiest chicken we can consume. It also has deep, delicious, and fresh flavors that have less cholesterol compared to poultry.

Poultry chicken are genetically bred to grow quickly and fast. But the downside is that they have a lot of fats inside them. Whereas, Native Chicken have lower fat content as their diet consists mainly of corn, and aren’t necessarily given antibiotics unless to treat and prevent diseases. 

7 Health Benefits of Eating Native Chicken

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Served in different forms from soup to roasted dishes, chicken is one of the most popular foods in every household and is beneficial among people of all ages. In this blog post, we’ll discuss 7 reasons why Native Chicken (manok bisaya) is such a healthy choice for your family’s dinner table.

1. Eating Native Chicken is Good for your Eyesight

Native chicken is a great source of Vitamin A, which promotes good eye health. It is composed of retinol, alpha, and beta-carotene that are very important nutrients for eye health.

2. Eating Native Chicken is Good for the Heart

Eating chicken breast suppresses and controls a body’s homocysteine amino acid levels in our body which, if too high, can lead to a higher risk of heart disease. Native chicken may also help lower blood pressure. 

While the best way to do this is still to have a healthy diet and do some active changes to your lifestyle. A study from Harvard was published stating that two pounds of serving per week can be a healthy choice of lowering your blood pressure.

3. Eating Native Chicken Prevents Bone Loss

Native Chicken contains adequate levels of Vitamin D and Calcium which helps in keeping your bones healthy and strong. Especially if you are entering your golden years, and are concerned with osteoporosis or arthritis, eating chicken will aid in your fight against bone loss thanks to the high protein it offers.

4. Eating Native Chicken Builds Muscles

A 100g of Native Chicken offers 31g of low-fat protein. Which is great for those who want to bulk up and build some muscles along with sustaining them. 

5. Eating Native Chicken Lowers Stress Levels

Eating native Chicken dishes can be a great way to reduce your stress. They contain tryptophan and Vitamin B5 which provides a calming effect on your body. So if you are feeling depressed, or overwhelmed, eating some native chicken will increase your serotonin levels which enhances your mood, lowers your stress and lulls you to have a peaceful sleep.

6. Eating Native Chicken Promotes Weight Loss

Chicken also has Vitamin B6 which other than keeping our blood vessels healthy, also provides high energy levels, and metabolism in order to obtain that healthy weight level.

7. Eating Native Chicken Strengthens your Immune System

If you ever wonder why doctors often recommend chicken soup as a part of your recovery meals whenever you have a cold or flu, that’s because chicken helps bolster the immune cells in the body. 

The broth provides hydrating fluid and electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and magnesium which are extremely helpful when you have a fever and run the risk of becoming dehydrated. The steam from the soup also clears the nasal passages and eating chicken soup when you are recovering also doesn’t taste bad. 

Nang Linda’s Kan-Anan Serves Manok Bisaya

Opened last July 28, 2021, Nang Linda’s Kan-Anan is a family-owned business of the Sangre family. Born from the local icon, Erlinda Villanueva Sangre or “Nang Linda”, who returns to continue her legacy of providing the Balambanons a taste of LAMI, LIMPYO, LUTONG BALAY of northwestern Cebu!

Manok Bisaya Tinowa


Tinolang Native Chicken is a Filipino dish that has been around for generations. It’s made with chicken and vegetables in a broth flavored with ginger, garlic, onions, and fish sauce. The result is an incredibly delicious meal that you can enjoy at home or on the go!

We know how much you love your family and friends – so we want to bring them together over Tinolang Native Chicken as well! You can now order our product online through our website. Whether it’s for dinner tonight or lunch tomorrow, we have everything you need to make this tasty dish happen.

Our ingredients are all-natural and sourced from local farmers across the Philippines. They come straight from the farm to your table without any extra processing or additives – just simple goodness ready to be enjoyed by everyone who loves food! 

And because we believe in providing only the best quality products possible, every order comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like it for whatever reason, let us know within 30 days of purchase and we will refund your money no questions asked! Order Nang Linda’s Tinolang Native Chicken today on our website!

Manok Bisaya Espesyal


If you love fried chicken, Nang Linda’s Kan-Anan also specializes in fried native chicken. We fry our chicken to perfection and serve it with your choice of rice or noodles, plus unlimited soup and iced tea. Our menu also includes other Filipino favorites like beef steak, pork sisig, and crispy pata. Come on down today!

You won’t find another place like us in the area – we’re known for our delicious food and friendly service. If you want to get away from all this stress at work or school, come visit us soon! We have plenty of seating available so there will be no wait time when you arrive. 

And if you can’t make it out here during lunchtime hours, don’t worry – we’re open until 10pm every night except Sunday! So stop by any day of the week for some tasty fried native chicken! Click this link now to order Nang Linda’s Pritong Manok Bisaya

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