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Serving Balamban, Cebu’s Best since 1988.

Hello, I'm Nang Linda

To locals and natives of Balamban, there are 4 things that connects them to their roots: Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Industry, Transcentral Highway, Cambuhawe Spring and its delicious local favorites.

This is where NANG LINDA’S is synonymous with good comfort food for the locals.

Initially known as “Chikaan sa Balamban ” in 1988, the carenderia has evolved to focus on the unique tastes and flavors the local learned to love from the kitchen of of its well-loved founder Erlinda “NANG LINDA” Villanueva Sangre.

NANG LINDA’S, in its evolution, aims to preserve these family heirloom of flavors and tastes that is close to the family and further share to the public the stories that makes NANG LINDA’S close to the hearts of the Balambanons.

Where it all Began

JULY 28, 2021 – LAMI, LIMPYO, LUTONG BALAY. Nang Linda’s Kan-Anan is a family-owned business of the Sangre family. Born from the local icon, Erlinda Villanueva Sangre or “Nang Linda”, she returns to continue her legacy of providing the Balambanons a taste of true and original flavors of northwestern Cebu.

In 1988, Nang Linda first opened her carinderia named “Boulevard Chikaan”. And it was a small eatery serving mainly monggos, humba, beefsteak, and chopsuey. Through the word-of-mouth and the delicious and hefty portions provided by Nang Linda herself. Her small stall became the go-to place for workers, students, and drivers in the province of Pondol.

Mrs. Iren Sangre-Licera, the youngest daughter and possessing excellent business and financial skills, also having assisted her mother in the carinderia, decided to revive and propel the small eatery into a modern restaurant. “We decided to open a modern restaurant because it is my mother’s passion and legacy to us. Although Nang Linda’s Chikaan, since its inception 33 years ago, has already touched so many and different types of people from Balamban. The legacy and passion needs to continue,” says Iren.

Although small, the carinderia greatly contributed to the welfare and financial situation of the family. Allowing Nang Linda’s seven children to have graduated from college. And provide some healthy meals for workers with her affordable and delicious pack lunches. Together with the youngest son, Chef Jojo Sangre, the siblings made Nang Linda’s a famous destination for its meals that are “#LamiSukadSauna”.

Erlinda Villanueva Sangre
Mrs. Iren Sangre-Licera
(Youngest Daughter)

Manok Bisaya and Liempo Chopping

Nang Linda led the opening of the restaurant with Manok Bisaya and Liempo Chopping, together with the people who contributed greatly to its history and current success. These were Mayor Alex Binghay, Vice Mayor Alfie Binghay, and Property Owner Mrs. Concepcion Yu.  

“Back in 1988, when I was first seated as Mayor, Mareng Linda had a carinderia near the old Municipal Building. We would always head over during lunch kay maoy duol og mao ray labing lami (it was near, and it also served very delicious food). 

Ang carinderia ni Nang Linda kaniadto, ang mga sud-an. Pang-ato jud kaayo, nindot jud kaayo, ang talong naay itlog, ang utan binisaya. Pero ang paborito nako ang dukot na ma-is. (Nang Lina’s carinderia serves meals that are truly local. From eggplants coated in egg, and bisaya vegetable soup. But my favorite was the burnt corn rice)” shared Balamban Mayor, Alex Binghay.

Mayor Alex welcomes Nang Linda’s return and hopes that she continues to serve her delicious putahe or meals to the Balambanons.

Bahay Kubo Al Fresco Dining

Nang Linda’s main restaurant humbly stands on the main thoroughfare of the National Highway, Sam-ang, Pondol, Balamban, Cebu, Philippines. Its al fresco dining provides fresh air environment to diners who want’s to taste the best of Balamban, Cebu.

Nang Linda’s Kan-Anan was inspired from the first carinderia, Boulevard Chikaan. It is a traditional Filipino hut with a high-ceiling and is made of native materials such as bamboo and amakan. The place evokes the things that the Philippines associates with Filipino cuisines

From its etymology, the common shape of the restaurant is a cubic rectangular or L-shaped ceiling. This helps to retain the natural air insulation qualities fused with modern-day dining of the customers. And the high-ceiling simply becomes a way to shield or provide shade from the sun.

Nang Linda’s Being Awarded As

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